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Fitness Fundraisers Can Drive Hundreds of Qualified Prospects Through Your Door At No Cost To You…Saving You Thousands!  

If you are like most fitness facility owners and operators, selling fitness club memberships is, and always will be, your number one priority.  Unless you are in a very unique and fortunate situation where you have no need to market, you are most likely spending hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars, on marketing media such as newspaper, direct mail, radio, television and more…all in an attempt to increase your membership.  While these can be effective ways to acquire new members, using traditional marketing strategies can also be extremely expensive and only targets the 12% to 14% of a market per IHRSA statistics. 

The Fitness Fundraiser program is an innovative new approach to marketing that will…

  • Reduce the need to market using expensive media…saving you thousands!

  • Have prospects pouring through your doors…

  • Increase your market penetration!

  • Dramatically boost your bottom line, and…

  • Make you a hero in your community!

Fitness Fundraisers is a unique community marketing program that drives valuable traffic to your door while at the same time, allowing you to directly support many charitable non-profit fundraising efforts in your community.  The key to this unique opportunity is SIMPLICITY!  At Fitness Fundraisers, we have made it incredibly easy for both fitness facilities and fundraising organizations, to participate in this fantastic “win-win” program.  At Fitness Fundraisers we provide both participating fitness facilities and fundraising organizations with a complete turn-key system…everything that you will need to make this program a huge success. 

And there's MORE...

 In addition to providing both the participating Fitness Facilities AND the Fundraising organizations with an array of professional, full color printed materials, marketing pieces, and a wide range of web plus live support, we also provide our participating Fitness Facilities with...

  • A comprehensive 4 Step Training and start up program.

  • World class sales training with a focus on converting short term memberships.

  • Front desk and new member service coaching.

  • A Fitness Fundraiser Area Representative to directly assist in marketing efforts to secure Fundraising Organizations.

  • Access to a web resource center for 24/7 training and marketing materials, PLUS... 

  • MARKET EXCLUSIVITY within a 15 minute drive time of your front door!

In an increasingly competitive market, it's time to get an edge!

If you are a community minded, well run co-ed Fitness Facility, can you afford NOT to participate in the Fitness Fundraisers program? To learn more and be THE Fitness Facility in YOUR community to participate in this incredible marketing program contact us at:

Or e-mail us at

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