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Healthy Fundraiser makes it easier than ever to generate thousands for 0rganizations...  

"It’s simply one of the best non profit fundraising ideas out there! It is truly a program where everyone wins." Tresa VanWinkle

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     One of the most successful fundraising ideas that can generate thousands of dollars for your organization while contributing to the health of your community in a big way!.

     If you are part of a fundraising group, yet frustrated with the same old fundraisers such as cookie dough, wrapping paper, coupon books and so on, then...

We want to offer you a brand new fundraiser that really works...  

     Are you frustrated trying to find the right fundraiser?  Do you find yourself competing with all kinds of other organizations for donation dollars?  Are you finding it difficult to get the attention needed for your fundraiser to become a big success? Are you not generating the amount of money needed through your fundraising efforts?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you must read on...
Our unique approach to fundraising has helped organizations in communities all across the nation raise thousands of donation dollars, while at the same time promoting health and fitness within their communities.

 A Healthy New Approach to Fundraising

     With all the hype in the media about the high rate of obesity in our nation there is no better time than now to participate in our healthy new approach to fundraising ...The Fitness Fundraiser!

     The Fitness Fundraiser allows every person in a community the opportunity to sample fitness at a very low price.  By purchasing a 3 month pass from your fundraising group for only $20, they are now on their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Our Fitness Fundraisers are a win-win-win!

      Fitness Fundraiser passes are highly profitable and raise thousands of dollars...and everyone wins.

  • Fitness Clubs like them because they bring in more customers.
  • Supporters like them because they save money and give them the opportunity to try out fitness at an extremely low rate.  A true value! 
  • Fundraising Groups like them because they are highly profitable, customizable, and easy to sell.

Here is what fundraising groups are saying about Fitness Fundraisers... 

“This fundraiser program is well thought out and easy to initiate. There is really no downside. It’s simply one of the best non profit fundraising ideas out there! Everyone benefits from this program. It is truly a program where everyone wins.

Tresa VanWinkle
Executive Director, CAPPED, Inc.

"On behalf of each Starz team player, their families and followers, we thank you again for allowing us to raise valuable dollars through the Fitness Fundraisers program.  It was one of the most successful fundraising ideas we’ve ever come across. It was easy to do and a HUGE success!” 

Alex Maynez
Coach, NM Starz Softball

"The Fitness Fundraiser was a great success that practically sold itself. People were happy to purchase a service that they could benefit from, as well as, support a local program. We easily doubled our expectations for this fund-raiser. The team at Fitness Fundraisers was a pleasure to work with and made accommodations when we needed them to."                

Cindy DeRoche

We are completely committed to your success.

     We understand how challenging it can be to run a successful fundraiser and we want you to know that we are completely committed to providing you with all the tools, resources, and support you will need to make your fundraiser a huge success.  With Fitness Fundraisers we have made it fast and simple to get started....

  • We provide you with a complete system...including all the necessary forms to get started...
  • We provide customized marketing materials, order forms and passes for your organization...
  • There is no minimum order on passes
  • There is no product to purchase and best of all...
  • Be part of a healthier, fitter community!

How much money can your organization raise?

     The average group sells between 100-200 passes and raises between $1000 - $2000 dollars each fundraiser.  What does that mean to your group?  Of course, if you consider your group better than average, you will likely exceed the estimated total.  Remember, there is no limit to the amount of funds you can raise!  Our Fitness Fundraisers have helped hundreds of groups raise maximum funds in minimum time - easy and hassle free with NO MONEY REQUIRED get started.

Start your fundraiser today! 

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We are running out of space and time so let us answer some of your most probable questions right now.

Q.  How much will it cost us to run this fundraiser?

A.  Nothing!  We will provide all of the tools and resources you need to get started including customized marketing materials, order forms and passes. 

Q.  How much do we earn from every pass sold?

A.  Your fundraising organization will earn $10 from every pass sold.  As mentioned, the average fundraiser sells between 100 - 150 passes and we have had some as high as 500.  Depending on your group, it is very possible to earn upwards of $5,000 for one fundraiser. 

Q.  Does this really work as well as you say it does?

A.  Does it work?  Does it ever!  But don't take our word for it.  You've seen what the fundraising organizations say about it.  The real proof is in the results it has created.

Q.  How difficult is it to sell the 3 month passes?

A.  They are easy to sellOne of the main reasons this works so well is that with all the media hype about staying fit and healthy these days, most people are either involved in some sort of exercise program or are considering it.  This gives those that are considering it a chance to try it out at a ridiculously low price.  Yes, they are simple to sell.

Q.  How do we get started?

A.  Simply click on the lick below and complete the online registration form.  Our office will contact you within 48hrs and have everything in your hands to begin your fundraiser within 7-10 business days of matching you with a health club in your area. 

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If you still have questions please feel free to contact us at info@fitnessfundraisers.com.


Fitness Fundraising Team

P.S.  Of all the fundraising companies in the country, no other company does what Fitness Fundraisers does for fundraising groups - and considering how quickly good ideas are seized upon and leveraged by other people, it would be a shame if another organization got a hold of our unique fundraising opportunity first.   Start your fundraiser today!

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