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 Fundraising Organizations...

“We found the Fitness Fundraisers program simple & straightforward, making it very easy for us to raise the necessary funds. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to any non-profit organization looking to raise money. Thank-you Fitness Fundraisers for all your help and support!” 

Martin Jam
Director, COP Int.


“This fundraiser program is well thought out and easy to initiate. There is really no downside. Everyone benefits from this program. It is truly a program where everyone wins.

Tresa VanWinkle
Executive Director, CAPPED, Inc.


 "The Fitness Fundraiser was a great success that practically sold itself. People were happy to purchase a service that they could benefit from, as well as, support a local program. We easily doubled our expectations for this fund-raiser. The team at Fitness Fundraisers were a pleasure to work with and made accommodations when we needed them to."

Cindy DeRoche

"On behalf of each Starz team player, their families and followers, we thank you again for allowing us to raise valuable dollars through the Fitness Fundraisers program.  It was easy to do and a HUGE success!

Alex Maynez
Coach, NM Starz softball
Alamogordo, New Mexico





 Participating Fitness Clubs...

"The Fitness Fundraisers Program is awesome!   Not only does it generate hundreds of additional leads on a monthly basis for our club, it is also a great way to increase referrals from the supporters who buy the passes.  I would highly recommend this program to any club looking to increase membership sales"

Frank Dennis
Sales Manager, Apple Athletic Club


"The greatest thing about Fitness Fundraisers is the incredible prospecting it does for us.  Not only is it a great program for local organizations to raise funds for their charity, but WE win, because it is cost effective.  

We save thousands on marketing expenses as well as staffing expenses associated with making sure a program to increase membership enrollment is run the way it should be.

I cannot think of a better marketing tool that would bring the prospect to you and give you the opportunity to shine, at virtually no cost to the club.

Fitness Fundraisers is a chance for you to show the community that you have a fitness center that is equipped to help them with their fitness goals and a staff that is concerned about them. With quality customer service, the Fitness Fundraiser type membership itself, and the initial fitness center experience, your membership enrollment, and ultimately your club revenue will increase!"

Cathy Underwood
Premier Fitness and Health Spa
Alamogordo, NM


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